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Generate FNET ROM file system image

The FNET project provides the GUI File System Generation tool that is used to create ROM File System image files.
The ROM File System provides read-only access to files and directories.

To generate the file system image file, follow the steps below:

  • Start the FNET File System Generation tool that is located in "fnet\fnet_tools\fnet_fs_generation.exe":

    FNET File System Generation Tool
  • Specify the FS image content and the output file name:
    • You can specify it by the [Edit] menu commands:
      • "Add Directory Content..."
      • "Add File..."
      • "Delete"
      • "New Directory"
      • "Rename"
      • "Specify Output file... "
    • Or you can load it from project file:
      • Use [File]->[Open Project...] command.
      • Or you can drag and drop the project file from the file explorer to the tree view of the tool.
        Project file of the demo web pages, which are used by the FNET examples, is located in the "fnet\fnet_demos\common\fapp_fs_image_project.fnetfs" file.
  • Generate the image file by the [Tools]->[Generate...] menu command or press the [F5] button.
    The result image is converted into the C-initialized data structures that are compiled as source code and can be linked with an application. The result is that the files, formerly on the PC, become available to the embedded application for access through the File System API and ROM File System API.

    Image Generation
  • The FS Image settings can be saved to the project file by the [File]->[Save Project] command.
  • File paths, which are saved in the project file, are relative to the project file location.
  • The tool supports command line interface that makes it possible to use it in scripts. To get know its command line syntax, run the tool with the /? parameter:
    C:\fnet\fnet_tools>cmd /c .\fnet_fs_generation.exe /?
            fnet_fs_generation [/?|/project=<Project-file name>[/output=<Output-file name>][/force]]
            /?         Displays this help message.
            /project   Specifies the project file.
            /output    Specifies the output file.
            /force     Force overwriting of read-only output file.
  • Project file of the demo web pages, which are used by the FNET examples, is located in the "fnet\fnet_demos\common\fapp_fs_image_project.fnetfs" file.
  • The command line .bat file that generates the FNET example image is located in the "fapp_fs_image_generate.bat" file.
    FNET File System Generation Tool V1.0.2.5 initialized.
    Reading project file C:\fnet\fnet_demos\common\fapp_fs_image_project.fnetfs
    Project loaded.
    Output image file: C:\fnet\fnet_demos\common\fnet_application\fapp_fs_image.c
    Image generation started.
    Generating: <FILE SYSTEM IMAGE>
    Generating: <FILE SYSTEM IMAGE>/favicon.ico
    Generating: <FILE SYSTEM IMAGE>/fnet.css
    Generating: <FILE SYSTEM IMAGE>/fnet.js
    Generating: <FILE SYSTEM IMAGE>/fnet_graph.html
    Generating: <FILE SYSTEM IMAGE>/fnet_set.shtml
    Generating: <FILE SYSTEM IMAGE>/fnet_stat.html
    Generating: <FILE SYSTEM IMAGE>/fnet_sup.html
    Generating: <FILE SYSTEM IMAGE>/fsl_logo.jpg
    Generating: <FILE SYSTEM IMAGE>/index.html
    Image successfully created.
    Press any key to continue . . .

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