Embedded TCP/IP stack  3.9.4

Detailed Description

This section describes the User API of the FNET TCP/IP stack.
All functions and definitions are prefixed fnet_ for coherence. To gain access to the FNET TCP/IP stack API, the application only needs to include the main header file fnet.h:

#include "fnet.h";
/* Now you can use FNET API */


 Stack Initialization API
 Main including header for the FNET TCP/IP stack.
 Sockets API
 CPU-specific library API.
 Error Codes API
 Socket error API definitions.
 Network Interfaces API
 Ethernet platform independent API definitions.
 ARP cache API
 ARP protocol Public API.
 Timer API
 FNET Timer API.
 Version Definitions
 Main include header for FNET project.
 CPU-specific library API
 Standard library API

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