Embedded TCP/IP stack  4.1.0

Detailed Description

The Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol provides privacy and data integrity between communicating applications.
FNET uses the mbedTLS library (https://tls.mbed.org/). Its source code is placed in the fnet/third_party/mbedtls-2.4.0 folder.
After the TLS context is initialized by calling the fnet_tls_init() function, the user application may create TLS sockets by calling fnet_tls_socket() and to receive/send data using fnet_tls_socket_recv() and fnet_tls_socket_send().
For the TLS server example, refer to the HTTPS server and the FNET Shell mbedTLS demo example.

Current version of TLS API supports only the TLS server role.

Configuration parameters:

Data Structures

struct  fnet_tls_params
 Input parameters structure for fnet_tls_init() More...


typedef void * fnet_tls_desc_t
 TLS context descriptor. More...
typedef void * fnet_tls_socket_t
 TLS socket descriptor. More...


fnet_tls_desc_t fnet_tls_init (struct fnet_tls_params *params)
 Initializes the TLS context. More...
void fnet_tls_release (fnet_tls_desc_t tls_desc)
 Releases the TLS context. More...
fnet_tls_socket_t fnet_tls_socket (fnet_tls_desc_t tls_desc, fnet_socket_t sock)
 Creates the TLS socket. More...
void fnet_tls_socket_close (fnet_tls_socket_t tls_sock)
 Closes the TLS socket. More...
fnet_ssize_t fnet_tls_socket_recv (fnet_tls_socket_t tls_sock, fnet_uint8_t *buf, fnet_size_t len)
 Receives data from a TLS socket. More...
fnet_ssize_t fnet_tls_socket_send (fnet_tls_socket_t tls_sock, fnet_uint8_t *buf, fnet_size_t len)
 Sends data on a TLS socket. More...

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