Embedded TCP/IP stack  4.1.0
Stack Initialization API

Detailed Description

For example:

static fnet_uint8_t stack_heap[FAPP_CFG_HEAP_SIZE];
struct fnet_init_params init_params;
// Input parameters for FNET stack initialization.
init_params.netheap_ptr = stack_heap;
init_params.netheap_size = sizeof(stack_heap);
// Init FNET stack.
if(fnet_init(&init_params) != FNET_ERR)
// Initialize Network Interfaces.
// Place your code here.
fnet_printf("ERROR: FNET stack initialization is failed!\n");

Data Structures

struct  fnet_mutex_api_t
 Mutex API. It should be defined by application if FNET_CFG_MULTITHREADING is enabled. More...
struct  fnet_init_params
 Input parameters structure for fnet_init() More...


typedef void * fnet_mutex_t
 Mutex type. More...


fnet_return_t fnet_init (struct fnet_init_params *init_params)
 Initializes the FNET TCP/IP stack. More...
void fnet_release (void)
 Releases the FNET TCP/IP stack. More...

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