Embedded TCP/IP stack  4.1.0

Detailed Description

This section describes the parameters specific to the SNTP Client.
The user may override and change the default values in the application-specific configuration file fnet_user_config.h.


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 Default SNTP port number (in network byte order).
The SNTP client uses this port for sending and receiving of SNTP messages.
It can be changed during the SNTP Client initialization by the fnet_sntp_init() function.
Default value is FNET_HTONS(123).

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 The maximum number of times the SNTP client will retransmit the request message to a SNTP server.
Default value is 5.

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 Timeout for the response from the remote SNTP server (in seconds).

If the SNTP client does not receive any response from a SNTP server, it sends new request message.
Default value is 1.

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