Embedded TCP/IP stack  3.9.4

FNET Shell Library configuration file. More...

Detailed Description

FNET Shell Library configuration file.

This section describes the parameters specific to the Shell Service.
The user may override and change the default values in the application-specific configuration file fnet_user_config.h.


 Maximum number of the Shell services that can be run simultaneously.
Default value is 1. More...
#define FNET_CFG_SHELL_ARGS_MAX   (16u)
 Maximum number of arguments that can be handled by the shell command parser.
Arguments must be split by the space symbol. Note that the quote FNET_SHELL_QUOTE_SYMBOL is used to combine multiple words to one argument.
Default value is 16.

. More...

#define FNET_CFG_SHELL_HELP_FORMAT   (">%7s %-32s- %s")
 Format of the command-shell help message, that is used by the fnet_shell_help() function.
For example it can set to the ">%7s %-32s- %s" value , where the first string is the command name, second one is the brief description of the command and the third one is the syntax of the command. More...

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