Embedded TCP/IP stack  4.1.0
Shell service API

Detailed Description

The shell service provides application-specific command-line interface.
It runs on asigned serial stream, parses the input text, decodes the command name and arguments and calls back user-specified functions assigned to each command.

After the Shell service is initialized by calling the fnet_shell_init() function, the user application should call the main service polling function fnet_service_poll() periodically in background.

For example:

// ************************************************************************
// * The table of the main shell commands.
// *************************************************************************
static const struct fnet_shell_command fapp_cmd_tab [] =
{ "?", 0, 0, fnet_shell_help_cmd,"Display this help message.", ""},
{ "set", 0, 2, fapp_set_cmd, "Set parameter.", "[<parameter> <value>]"},
{ "show", 0, 0, fapp_show, "Show parameters.", "" },
{ "info", 0, 0, fapp_netif_info_cmd, "Show interface info.", ""},
{ "dhcp", 0, 1, fapp_dhcp_cln_cmd, "Start DHCP client.", "[release|reboot]"},
{ "http", 0, 1, fapp_http_cmd, "Start HTTP Server.", "[release]"},
{ 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0},
// ************************************************************************
// * The main shell control data structure.
// *************************************************************************
struct fnet_shell fapp_shell =
"PROMT> ",
fnet_shell_desc_t fapp_shell_desc = 0; // Shell descriptor.
struct fnet_shell_params shell_params;
shell_params.shell = &fapp_shell;
shell_params.cmd_line_buffer = fapp_cmd_line_buffer;
shell_params.cmd_line_buffer_size = sizeof(fapp_cmd_line_buffer);
shell_params.stream = FNET_SERIAL_STREAM_DEFAULT; // Use default stream.
shell_params.echo = FNET_TRUE; // Enable echo.
if((fapp_shell_desc = fnet_shell_init(&shell_params)) != 0)
fnet_printf("\n Shell started.\n");
// Do something.
fnet_printf("\n Shell initialization is failed.\n");

For Shell service usage example, refer to FNET demo application source code.

Configuration parameters:

Data Structures

struct  fnet_shell_command
 Shell command control structure. More...
struct  fnet_shell
 Shell main control structure. More...
struct  fnet_shell_params
 Input parameters for fnet_shell_init(). More...


 The quote (') symbol is used to combine multiple words to one argument.

. More...

 The escape symbol (). More...
 Split symbol used to split shell commands.
User may enter several commands in one command line, but they must be split by this symbol.

. More...



typedef void * fnet_shell_desc_t
 Shell service descriptor. More...
typedef void(* fnet_shell_cmd_function_t) (fnet_shell_desc_t desc, fnet_index_t argc, fnet_char_t **argv)
 Command callback function prototype. More...



fnet_shell_desc_t fnet_shell_init (struct fnet_shell_params *params)
 Initializes the Shell service. More...
void fnet_shell_release (fnet_shell_desc_t desc)
 Releases the Shell service. More...
void fnet_shell_help (fnet_shell_desc_t desc)
 Prints the command-shell help message. More...
fnet_return_t fnet_shell_script (fnet_shell_desc_t desc, fnet_char_t *script)
 Executes the command line script. More...
void fnet_shell_script_stop (fnet_shell_desc_t desc)
 Stops execution of the shell command line. More...
fnet_return_t fnet_shell_block (fnet_shell_desc_t desc, void(*on_ctrlc)(fnet_shell_desc_t shl_desc, void *cookie), void *cookie)
 Blocks the shell to ignore user commands. More...
void fnet_shell_unblock (fnet_shell_desc_t desc)
 Unblocks the shell to accept user commands. More...
fnet_size_t fnet_shell_printf (fnet_shell_desc_t desc, const fnet_char_t *format,...)
 Prints formatted text to the shell stream. More...
fnet_size_t fnet_shell_println (fnet_shell_desc_t desc, const fnet_char_t *format,...)
 Prints formatted text to the shell stream and terminates the printed text by the line separator string. More...
void fnet_shell_putchar (fnet_shell_desc_t desc, fnet_char_t character)
 Writes character to the shell stream. More...
fnet_int32_t fnet_shell_getchar (fnet_shell_desc_t desc)
 Reads character from the shell stream. More...
fnet_return_t fnet_shell_switch (fnet_shell_desc_t desc, const struct fnet_shell *switch_shell)
 Switch to other command line set. More...
fnet_bool_t fnet_shell_is_ctrlc (fnet_shell_desc_t desc)
 Detects if the [Ctrl]+[c] is received. More...

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