Embedded TCP/IP stack  4.1.0
Link-Detection service API

Detailed Description

Link-Detection service is used for automatic detection of a network-link connection status change from connected to disconnected state and vice versa.
After the Link-Detection service is initialized by calling the fnet_link_init() function, the user application should call the main service-polling function fnet_service_poll() periodically in background.

For the Link-Detection service example, refer to the FNET Shell demo source code.
Configuration parameters:

Data Structures

struct  fnet_link_params
 Initialization parameters for the fnet_llmnr_init() function. More...


typedef fnet_int32_t fnet_link_desc_t
 Link-Detection service descriptor. More...
typedef void(* fnet_link_callback_t) (fnet_netif_desc_t netif, fnet_bool_t connected, void *callback_param)
 Link-Detection event handler callback function prototype, which is called when a networking interface has changed its link status from connected stae to disconnected or vice versa. More...


fnet_link_desc_t fnet_link_init (struct fnet_link_params *params)
 Initializes the Link-Detection service. More...
void fnet_link_release (fnet_link_desc_t desc)
 Releases the Link-Detection service. More...
fnet_bool_t fnet_link_is_enabled (fnet_link_desc_t desc)
 Detects if the Link-Detection service is enabled or disabled. More...
fnet_link_desc_t fnet_link_get_by_netif (fnet_netif_desc_t netif)
 Looks for a Link-Detection service assigned to the specified network interface. More...

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