Embedded TCP/IP stack  4.1.0

Detailed Description

This section describes the parameters specific to the File System library.
The user may override and change the default values in the application-specific configuration file fnet_user_config.h.


#define FNET_CFG_FS
 File System Interface support: More...
#define FNET_CFG_FS_MOUNT_MAX   (2U)
 Maximum number of mount points.
Default value is 2.

. More...

 Maximum size of a mount-point name.
For example, for mount point named "rom" the name size is 3.
Default value is 10.

. More...

#define FNET_CFG_FS_DESC_MAX   (5U)
 Maximum number of file and directory descriptors opened simultaneously.
Default value is 5.

. More...

 FNET ROM File System support: More...

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