Embedded TCP/IP stack  3.9.4
void fnet_dhcp_set_callback_discover ( fnet_dhcp_desc_t  desc,
fnet_dhcp_callback_t  callback_discover,
void *  param 

Registers the "Discover message sent" DHCP event handler callback.

descDHCP client descriptor.
callback_discoverPointer to the callback function defined by fnet_dhcp_callback_t.
paramOptional application-specific parameter.
It's passed to the callback_discover callback function as input parameter.
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This function registers the callback_discover callback function for the "Discover message sent" event. This event occurs when the DHCP client sends the DHCP discover message. A user interface program may use it for indication of retransmission attempts.
To stop the event handling, set the callback_discover parameter to zero value.

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