Embedded TCP/IP stack  3.9.4
#define FNET_CFG_DHCP_BOOTP   (0)

DHCP/BOOTP-service used protocol:

  • 1 = BOOTP (Bootstrap) protocol, defined by RFC951.
  • 0 = DHCP protocol (extension of BOOTP), defined by RFC2131 (Default value).

    BOOTP typically provides fixed allocation of a single IP address for each client, permanently reserving this address in the BOOTP server database.
    DHCP typically provides dynamic, leased allocation of available IP addresses, reserving each DHCP client address temporarily in the DHCP server database.
    DHCP can automatically rebind or renew their leases while BOOTP requires a system restart.
    Code size of BOOTP is less than DHCP by about 1.5KB.

Definition at line 72 of file fnet_dhcp_config.h.

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