Embedded TCP/IP stack  4.1.0
Flash driver API

Detailed Description

The Flash driver provides the ability to reprogram the internal Flash memory while an application is running in normal operational mode.

The on-chip Flash module is a non-volatile memory (NVM) module integrated with a CPU. The Flash memory is ideal for program and data storage for single-chip applications, allowing field reprogramming without requiring external programming voltage sources.

For Falsh driver example, refer to FNET demo application source code.

Configuration parameters:


fnet_return_t fnet_flash_erase (void *flash_addr, fnet_size_t bytes)
 Erases the specified range of the Flash memory. More...
fnet_return_t fnet_flash_memcpy (FNET_COMP_PACKED_VAR void *flash_addr, FNET_COMP_PACKED_VAR const void *src, fnet_size_t n)
 Writes the specified data to the Flash memory. More...
fnet_return_t fnet_flash_flush (void)
 Writes all data from cache to the Flash memory. More...

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